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Have You Been Scammed?

by Kyle Berks · 98 comments

There are plenty of payday loan scams and identity phishing schemes associated with online payday loan lenders. If you have been scammed, or just have a complaint when it comes to a specific payday loan company, we would like to hear about it! The saying goes knowledge is power, well in this case, knowledge can keep your hard earned money in your pocket and save you from a lot of headaches.

I should probably state that I am not an attorney and this post is not meant to be legal advice. It is merely for your entertainment. Always consult an attorney before undertaking any legal strategy.

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Brent Cummings October 8, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I have already applied for a fast loan online and it did have a security picturre indicating that the information submitted was secure and no one could see my information, However, i tseemed like
It wasn’t a lender more like a lender service and they kept recommending me to diffrent so called lenders. Most of them did have a phone number were they could be reached. But i became kind of scarred, So I decided to visit the BBB, Which I Should have done in the 1st palce!
so thankyou for the information I am praying that I didn’t make any wrong turns along the way.

Kyle Berks October 9, 2010 at 6:24 am

No problem Brent. Can you reveal the website that you were dissatisfied with?

Gwenetta Sumling October 26, 2010 at 2:47 am

I applied for a payday loan online over a year ago. Well, after I had put in all my personal information and submitted it, I got a call from the payday loan company. They assured me that in a day or so i would be receiving my money in my account. After about 3 or 4 days the money was not in my account. I tried to call the same number that had called me after i applied. I could not reach any one at all! Then, I was afraid that I had been scammed . I tried for another week to contact the company with no avail. I was really scared then. So, I just waited to see if they would ever post the money in my account. They never did. About a year later , I got a phone call at work stating that I was going to be sued because I did not repay the money. They claimed that the money was indeed posted in my account. I checked with my bank and they gave me all the information on my account in the past year. No one had wired any money in my account except, my job. They are still threatening me about the money. They are constantly harrassing me with phone calls about actions being taken against me. What can I do?

Kyle Berks October 26, 2010 at 11:37 pm

Hi Gwenetta,

I would fill out a fraud affidavit that you can print out, fill out and then file it with your local law enforcement agency. You can find a copy of the affidavit here: After it has been filed with the police, send a notarized original copy of the report to the law firm that is suing you and the court.

This is an action that you can take without paying for an attorney and see what happens. If they still peruse you after these action are taken, I would get in contact with an attorney immediately.

melissa webster January 5, 2011 at 12:09 am

is money mutual a scam?

Victor Stinnett January 5, 2011 at 2:02 am

Money Mutual appears to be endorsed by Montel Williams. I would think that a payday loan company that would pay a celebrity would be okay to go with. However, I have never used this company for a loan myself, so I can’t say with 100% certainty. If you choose to use this company, come back and post your experience with us, we would like to her about it.

Kim January 12, 2011 at 8:55 pm

I filled out an online cash advance-payday application online. Of course I included all my personal info. They said they were a company that assisted in the searching of lenders for me to borrow against. I completed the application process with them. Are they legit?

Jerry Mynatt January 22, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Well I think I may have been scammed, I got a phone call stating that I had failed to have the money in my account when they went to pull out the payment for my online pay adavance, and that the loan company was taking me to courtl and sueing me for the amount plus fees and court cost and that they would be having me arrested and would probadly loose my job over this also
When I asked for the loan company name i was told that they was a parent company and had many online sites and did not have the information in front of them. The person spoke very bad english and it was very hard for me to understand them but they told me they was just letting me know that this was a serious situation and that i was being charge with internet fraud and bank fraud and some other charges. i had filled out many online applications in a desperate mode looking for loans and had been granted many of them and was making the payments and everything on them and was not sure that one had not been forgetten. so i arranged to pay the charges which was much more than i borrowed but i figured it was cheaper than getting a lawyer to handle it… so i paid that and i then have gotten two more of these loan company claiming i had forgetten them or the money was not in the account when they access it for payment and have ignored all the emails they have sent, but i have gotten nothing like that in my email and now im thinking that i have been scammmed out of 2k
Is this a common practice for legit payday loan companies to make threatening phone calls and not willing to make some payment arrangements or even discuss making payments.

Victor Stinnett January 23, 2011 at 1:38 am

Hi Jerry,

First off, defaulting on a loan is not a criminal offense (unless you intentionally intended not to pay the debt back) and you cannot be thrown in jail for it. I do believe if they were taking making these threats, I would have gotten a lawyer involved, you still can.

jene pitsenbarger February 25, 2011 at 5:16 am

applying for payday’s in dec.2010 having trouble getting approved then got bumbed to a lender saying complete this survey and i will give you 300 dollars free and clear long survey just when you want to quit they flash that three hundred dollars in front of you tward the end they tell you to get the money you have to join or buy clubs they offer 1,000 wal mart card 2,000 visa so i signed up the next day i get a call from a man fromPEOPLES CHOICE verifying that 2000 visa i have to put up 200 dollars in 50 payments to secure the card so really stupid me gives out my checking acct info. the rest is idenity fraud history. thousands of dollars maxed out my credit cards keylogged my computer. they are evil people i hop this helps someone. jene pitsenbarger illinois

Cheryl March 1, 2011 at 8:41 pm

I went with a debt consolidation company to handle my payday loans. They advised me to close my bank account and open another which I did. I gave them all the company names and they contacted them and made arrangements. Occasionally, I do get a call that was mentioned above and I ignore it. On Friday I got a call from I think it was called investigative services and they had all my information including a date that I supposedly got the money but the companies they mentioned did not sound familiar. I called the debt consolidation company and they called them and had to leave a message. The company is threating to put out a warrant for my arrest because of passing bad checks which I did not. I closed the account

melissa Gillespie March 14, 2011 at 11:04 pm

I was reading the other comments because I have just got a call today that I was being sued for 1000.00 and for internet fraud and check fraud for not paying this back. They said I got 300.00 into my bank, which they knew who i banked with, and when i asked when and what company they gave me a name Cash Advance. This was a very generic name and they did not have the number for the company, everytime I asked they hung up. I want to know what I can do? Can I file charges on these people for this? Do I have to answer the calls? I did apply for a loan but when they called I said no because I needed more than 300.00 and it would not be worth it to get the loan, so i told them no. I dont remember giving them my bank information but i don’t know how else they got it so im concerned about what my rights are. I did not get the money they claim i got and i did not approve this so can they sue me still? Please help me anyone..

Victor Stinnett March 14, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Have you received a demand letter from a law firm? A law firm must send you a demand letter 30 days prior before they can sue you.

Mary Ann March 15, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Hi – I too submitted an application online for a payday loan. The company that called approved me for 900.00 to be paid back in 12 months. The cost was 125.00. I had to deposit at Chase bank before they would process the loan. I deposited to a company called 777now. They said it takes 1 to 3 days to deposit into my account. It has only been one day but after reading these stories, I am scared I am getting ripped off. Just wondering if you or anyone else has dealt with this company. Thanks

Darcy T. March 18, 2011 at 11:48 am

I was looking for a vehicle title loan company to get enough money to pay off a major bill that was going to free up my life. I would have had the funds to pay off such a loan. I contacted payday-loan-yes and partially completed an application but did not submit it. I decided to try to go local if possible. Bottom line, this company went ahead and deposited $350 into my account without my permission, without my e signature and after a flurry of emails from me to cancel any transactions and applications they had on file. I have all documents with dates, times and their responses as well as mine. They were not about to give me a title loan and they responded to each of my emails except the one about cancelling which I did not approve. I asked for terms and conditions on paybacks they did not provide so I did my best to stop them. I woke up to find the money in my account and now I have to close my account and get a new debit card because I read on line that they tend to take whatever they want from a persons account. How do I return the money and should I file a police report? I do not want the money nor did I ask for it. Surely I have legal rights here in my favor.

C. Jones March 21, 2011 at 8:59 pm

I’ve recently been recieving calls from a foreign guy name Robert Matthews claiming that I recieved a loan online and never paid it back, they informed me of my social security number and everything but i never recieved a loan in any of my bank accouts and i would like to see how to handle this so he could stop calling my phone is there anyway i could do this

kirsten April 3, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Hello, well seems Im not alone. I took out 3 ONLINE Payday loans in Florida about 2-3 months ago, my account (bank) was breached, so the bank advised me to close it and reopen a new one, I wanted to continue paying these loans back so I called them the people answering the phone said they would get info to me on how to pay but nothing was ever sent, still waiting. I am not receiving HORRIBLE calles from numerous people with american and east indian accents calling themselves Agents and Investigators saying Im going to court in 1 day or going to be arrested if I dont pay. I even made the mistake TWICE of making a payment over the phone, one company tryed to take a HUGE unautorized amount out of my bank account causing me to have to close my card. I asked for Debt validation they said its to late for that!!! Now yesterday I get a call from my EX mother in law, some one I have had NO ties to for 17 years, a SHOCK!!! She said these people called her and wanted to know where I was cause there was a fraud charge again me, why her??? So I called them, theis lady called her self Agent and investagator Gibson, and if I did not agree to pay it was going to the county today, noe the call was from Georgia Im in florida, I asked HER for debt validation, she said, Its to late not for that I did not pay committed check fraud (never wrote a check) and I just had to pay, so again like a moron I paid 103.00 with my card and she told me 311.00 would come out in april and 311.00 in may I DO NOT HAVE THAT MONEY I offered small payments but she said NO If I did not do what she said it was “goign to the county”. So now what??? I want to pay my original lenders, they will not send validation I dont know who these threats are from they too will send validation, Im 9 weeks pregnant scared Im goin to jail, What do I do, Please someone help me

Roy Lewis April 6, 2011 at 4:41 am

I applied for an online loan but once I had filled out all my info I backed out but I recently received a call saying they put the money in my account I have my credit report and all of my bank transactions neither show this loan as active or that it has even happened they are threatning me with court and telling me they will get me fired from my job what can I do?

sandra April 8, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Hi omg! I thaugh I was the only one with this problem…. so this supposably company has been calling me saying that I’m getting sued because last year on 2010 I took an online loan and didn’t pay it back… I asked them from what company I supposably got it from and they said usacashadvance…. I never applied for this loan neither did I ever receive anything on my account…. they always call and threaten me… saying they are sueing me and that I have all these charges… they are so rude they don’t even help me right…. what can I do?

swartz April 8, 2011 at 11:36 pm

I recently applied for a loan through ADV but I never agreed to the loan. I was looking for $1500 and they only approved me for $375. I didn’t agree to it because it wasnt the amount I wanted. The next day $375 was deposited into my account WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION!!! I emailed the company and called and they said they would do a reverse and they also sent me an email stating they would reverse it and that i was reversed. Months later I am receiving threatening phone calls from some guy who claims his name is Jeff Johnson but he speaks some foreign language. He said he is from Jeffrey Jeffrey Law Firm in San Diego. He threatened me and said I am being charged with fraud among other things. I explained that I never agreed on the money and that they reversed the loan. He told me that i can come to court and explain it to the Judge in San Diego. Isnt this fraud???? He is claiming that he works for some law firm and he has an american name yet he doesnt speak english clearly!!!! These people are a piece of work, someone should sue them for fraud, I am contacting the Attorney General’s office and my attorney!!! I also have the email stating that they reversed the loan so good luck to them when I never took the money or agreed for them to put it in my account. I am glad to see I am not the only idiot that applied online. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Brooke April 9, 2011 at 6:38 am

I have a similar story as some of you.i started an payday application online but never completed it or was approved nothing!im now getting calls from foreign people saying they r suing me.never recieved anything from them.never signed anything nothing whatsoever.they threatened me saying the cops were going to come get me out of my even told me to shutup haha.that i owed them 7000 & to hire a criminal lawyer.i found it funny and put it i just got a call from them again today.smh. this has got to be a scam.its most definently a joke.i should call back.flip the tables and tell them im going to sue they for harassment.they wont stop calling!i bet thatll make them hangup on me again!

Patrick Stephens April 11, 2011 at 2:49 pm

I recently been getting phone calls from the check investigatve services , and their saying that i will have to go to court . they also said that they called my employer, and they gave this company my employment status info. . I wanted to know is illegal in the state of connecticut?

L.B April 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm

I received a call from an, foreigner named, Kelvin Miller. He voiced that I owed 8,000.00 in payday loans. Ive never taken out a payday loan so I wasn’t worried. He had some of my information, but this was not a professional call, I could tell. I gave him a few choice words and he put a girl on the phone. She said I would be arrested. I told her that would be the only way I would ever believe this BS…. I told her , don’t call me back… Send the authorities. She hung up!!!

eugenia haggins April 18, 2011 at 10:38 pm

i have been gettingphone calls also. They are saying that I owe American Payday loan money.I do not even own a credit card, nor do i have a bank account. Can they take me to court? don’t they have to have a subpena brought to my home. they have all my personal information. What to do?

Sharon Evans April 21, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Brighton Financial payday loans can be added to the list of scams. online it says I am approved. I spoke to someone twice today and they send they are returning the application. They said that my past 2 pay days had to have been direct deposited in a physical bank. In my case they weren’t but my next 2 are. They said they will cancel the loan because supposedly I was to receive 200. I spoke to someone who does not speak English clearly. Not to stereotype or anything but I did search them out but they initially contacted me.
Now I’m wondering if I need to change my checking account.

tracy April 28, 2011 at 5:37 pm

hi i have a question for anyonethat can answer

itook out a loan in dec nnow they are threateningto charge me with fraud because i cant pay it back..i intened too but havent had the money..can i be charged with fruad

Janet Benjamin April 28, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Wow this is so crazy! I also applied for 3 online payday loans and right now i am making payments to them. But somehow someone from The Federal State Bureau called me saying I committed internet fraud and threaten to arrest me and come to my job for some money I owe like $300.00 from last year. They have my personal info & I asked them what company and they are telling name is Cash Advance America and they would not give an address and they seem to be really rude when asking questions about the company and what month was this done in won’t give me any info. these people have foreign accents and use american names saying the are Sheriffs and Investigators. They call from this number: 201-339-9225 and also they call from 0000 & 911. I think the folks are scamming me and should I get a lawyer?

Grace April 30, 2011 at 3:06 pm


My mom have recently been receiving numerous phone calls from this phone number which is +1 (714) 893-8179. My mom told me this person name Scott told my mom on the phone to give him $86000 and he didn’t gave any reason. Why he need it? I heard my mom told my dad and my brother (Dylan) regarding about this person want $86000 and Scott said over the phone is urgent but my mom heard at the end he said Pay Day Loan. My mom told us she didn’t owe anyone. This person name Scott he said he is calling from Ron Department Recreation but what was awkward is I wasn’t able to find Ron Department Recreation online. Do you know is this person try to scam my mom for money? What should I do to help my mom?

Vivian Robinson May 11, 2011 at 9:04 pm

Hello, I recently applied for a loan. When I applied Money mutual denied me. I became desprate so I applied for one on western skyy not even five mins. after I did this the phone call,texts, emails started rolling in non stop so I got real Skeptical and decided not to do it so when i answered the phone I would just say no thankyou or Im not interested before they go through the whole spill about what I qulified for now here we are about two weeks later I recieve a call from Ca. Alex on the phone telling me im being sued for accepting a loan and not paying it back and he started reading off the affidavit Ithink I had about Four counts on there it even said I forged a check talk about scary he wouldn’t let me speak so I waited for him to tell me what I was being charged with.I ask to speak to the suprvisor because I never recived a loan from anyone and I do not know what he was talking about. Do you know, this Alex said that if I didn’t take the money why do I need to speak with anyone and explain it to the police when they come and he hung up the phone? Before I had a chance to say another word I tried to call the number back but I was getting hung up on they pick up the phone not say anything just dismiss my call what jerks.Do anyone know what should I do I cant afford an attorney .HELP PLEASE

Victoria H May 12, 2011 at 4:51 pm

i also applied for a loan , online, i needed the money as soon as possible , but i did think twice , after doing a little research , and read some reviews that it wasn’t a scam..i decided to go for it…once i was done sending out my vital information …it redirected me to other lenders, and then i tried another company just to see if it will work, once that happened again, i got scared, and hoped for the best,then i got a card in the mail,from this online cash company, i totally never activated it,snd i did research and that card was a scam too!! AND just today i got, about 17 emails, telling me “thank you for your information, car dealerships, saying i sent my info to them, 17 different!im getting tired of this , and i hope i can do something about it, anyone have a solution to this? thank you for reading!

tisha May 13, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I have been receiving calls from this overseas fraud company that has been saying for a year now that they are going to sue me for 300.00 and charge me with check fraud, and two others. And that it will be executed back on March 12, 2010 and then just the other day. The guy will not tell me who is suing me and I keep telling him that he is not allowed to call and harrass me at my place of business

jason May 23, 2011 at 6:00 am

i receaved a call at work from some foriegn guy calling himself michael andrews. i took the call because they said it was about federal legislation. the guy then goes on to tell me im being sued for over $3,000 because i didnt pay back a loan that i never recieved. i have copies of my bank statements from this time period that show there was no deposit made what do i do

tracy roque May 26, 2011 at 5:57 pm

I am writing in regards to someone calling me yesterday about a payday loan I applied for a couple of months ago they said. Then they told me that the court already had my case that I applied for a loan for 350 dollars and I told them that I never received no money in my account. The number that I call still works. And when I talk the guy his name something brown. But he told me to fax some information oversaying that I promise to pay 200 dollars up front and then pay the rest by a certain date. Then he said to give him a copy of my employment id and my id and social security number and he said my card information and then he asked did I live at the address he said and I said yes and he said if I didn’t repayback the loan that I had three counts of fraud against me. But I simply told the guy I never received anymoney then he said he was paid by the company to sue me. And then I asked for the court address and he gave it to me after a couple minutes and when I asked for the number he didn’t want to give it to me. So I had to call 411 to get it. He said he was going to send me a court summons by today but it never came. I have talked to two police departments and they tell me its nothing to worry about that it is only fraud. That I promise to pay it back. His name is mark brown. He claims the company payday hired him to sue for the money I never even got. Because when I was applying for loans it kept on jumping to different other payday sites so I just stopped filling them out because I knew they were bogusbut the number the guy called me from still works. 2094980510. I looked up this number they say its located in the city of san adreas faults. Which doesn’t make any sense. I asked the guy for his company name he said the name was customer affairs and business regulations. I even asked him if he could send me a paper saying how much I owe he said he could do it. He gave me a fax number like I said and wanted me to stay on the phone until I send him the paper saying I promise to pay himthe company back. And he said the court will not hold off on the case. So what should I do.

billy cargile May 27, 2011 at 12:20 am

I am having more than enough trouble out of these forieners . they are going as far as calling my work and threatening jail .i never gave anyone my bank info just my social number.I also never recieved a dime from anyone. I now have a county detective on this guys back and i will not stop until ive had my way with this S.O.B. go back to ur fucking country u third world piece of shit SCAMMER. Watch out for JOHN MATTHEWS. Thanks billy and P.S PARDON MY FRENCH

Missy May 27, 2011 at 1:36 am

I to took out an online payday loan last year with a company called the Husk-Hawk Group for 300.00. I never got a phone number for this company. A few days later, I received the money in my checking account. Then a week later, several different online companies started withdrawing money from my checking account. 25.00 here and 30.00 here, one was Diversified Club where I could order stuff online. I contacted these companies and they told me that I agreed to it when I applied for the online payday loan. I spoke to my bank and they closed my checking account because I was a victim of identity theft because Husk hawk group sold my information. I didnt have a number for the company so I couldnt call them back to pay them. I had every intention of paying them back. Then in August I got a call from a collection agency and they debited my new checking account. I HAVE PROOF!! Now, I have agents, attorneys, and investigators telling me that I am going to be arrested for bank fraud, bank embezzlement, and 2 other charges. They are calling my work constantly telling whoever answers the phone that I am under arrest. My boss got on the phone, and the guy who spoke horrible broken English told her that I am under arrest and I will lose my job. She told him that I would not lose my job, and he said, “yes maam she will go to jail and lose her job!: She tried to talk to him and he just kept on, I got back on the phone, and he said “good luck, maam you better get you a good attorney!!” The harassing calls will not stop, they call my job, my daughter, and my son in law!! I have contacted the FBI but havent heard back from then yet. The latest guy claimed he was with the United Nations Law Office. Which I found out is a SCAM!!! What can I do??? Can I really be arrested for fraud and embezzlement when my bank closed my checking account for Identity theft??

Shelley May 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Back in December my husband and I applied for a payday loan through Money Mutual. AFter sending all our personal information we were given a list of payday loan lenders that had approved us. It said all we had to do was go to their websites and finish our application for instant approval. We did go to several of these websites but they would only approve us for like $150-200 and we needed a little more than that, so we never even finished e-signing their documents to accept the loans. We decided against using any of these companies. We finally just decided to go with Check n Go since they are a name we are familiar with and they have retail locations around our hometown. Well 3 months later we received a letter form our bank that we overdrafted $800. We went to the bank and got copies of all of our Bank statements all the was back to December. We did find that 3 companies had deposited money and then withdrew on the due date the amount of the deposits plus loans fees…then 3-4 days later lo and behold they would drop another deposit, and then withdraw…this has gone on continuously since December and we were never aware of this until it finally got us overdrawn. The same day we called theses loan companies and they said that this is how they work that until you tell them to stop depositing New Loans they would continue, so we told them to stop. Of course our bank “Southside” was no help whatsoever, basically what they are telling us is that they can not do anything since the deposits were being made and we have to pay back what they gave us plus their fees. They told us all we could was close that account and open a new one, well the bad part of that is my husband gets paid the 1st of every month, and it takes his employer 2 pay cycles before the changes would take effect. Well as of today we are -$600 plus one the st of June we have 3 payday loan companies withdrawing their money($1500) so by then we will still be -$100!!!! I have since spoke to our bank and ask if there was anyway they could reject anymore Deposits from these companies and they told us “NO” they said we will have to wait until they make the deposits then come in and dispute them which can take up to 30 days to complete. Well all of these companies say that if they deposit the money you only have 3 days to change your mind without being charged any loan fees. And to think that Money Mutual is endorsed by Montel Williams!!! I wonder if he realizes how they steal your info and rob you blind.

Upset over harrasment calls May 31, 2011 at 10:26 pm

I keep getting calls from 209-498-0510. This call is from a company who tries to tell you that you have a lawsuit files against you. They threaten you and try to get you to release personal information such as bank accounts social security numbers. Do not be fooled if a lawsuit is taken out against you and they have your phone number surely they should have any other information needed.

Cleo June 7, 2011 at 4:07 pm

About 2 weeks ago, I was inquiring ONLY about short term and pay day loans…and I ended up getting about 1000 emails just from visiting different sites. Well, I just received a call from this number 909-233-7108, but I didn’t answer it. A lady with a VERY thick accent left a message saying that I needed to call back immediately, and that it was time sensitive. I kind of heard something about an attorney, so I called back to see if someone else could tell me what the call was about. When I called, a guy answered who spoke a little more clearly, and went into detail telling me that I was being sued from a Cash Advance company due to failure to pay my loan off. They continued to tell me that I was going to need an attorney, and he read me my affidavit and even read my rights over the phone. I then told him I never HAD a Cash Advance and that I was either hacked or this was a bunch of bull. Then he told me he would have the Cash Advance company contact me, and he hung up on me…mid-sentence. What is this??? How is this going to benefit anyone? Can they actually achieve anything from this? I’m very nervous now, because I’m scared they have all of my information and can hack me or steal my identity.

Danielle June 8, 2011 at 12:46 am

I applied for few different websites for a loan one day feeling kinda strapped for cash but i never actually went through with them it just seemed like too much of a hassle it took me from one page to the next so i just left them unfinished and ignored it. I got a phone call today at my WORK from a jason brown (with a foreign accent) saying i was being sued for check fraud and so on ..he was very rude when i started to ask questions he interrupted me and told me he will only tell me once to not interrupt him. I never received any money all the money in my account is from my job and nothing else…how in the hell can i be sued for money i didnt receive …? I dont understand how they can say they will sue me and this is ok? he told me to get a lawyer and i need to pay 5000$ to him..what in the world is going on these days????!

bonnie June 8, 2011 at 2:59 am

I got the same phone call a melissa g. They told me I already new what the call was in regards to…n I had no idea so he read me the paper n it said I got a loan for 300$. And that I never repaid it…well he funny thing is I don’t have any bank accounts or anything….I never got any money I asked for the number for the oan place and was told the account was seized. ..well I never got a affdavit for. It so I’m not forsure what to do guess just wait n see

harvey June 8, 2011 at 8:59 pm

i got a harassing phone call today from someone who said they were investigator not remember the name. said i did a payday loan through an online checking account. i remember doing this, however, the online bank closed the account and stated I HAD CLOSED IT and i could never get with the original payday loan company. this guy says several letters were sent to me, i do not remember them. i asked what was the name of his company and he refused to give me that information and threatened me that the sheriff would come to my job and embarrass me. If I owe the debt, I will pay it, but I will not agree to pay some voice over the phone without any information given. i am afraid of getting scammed and paying someone who really isnt truly representing the payday loan company. what do i do?

Danielle June 10, 2011 at 1:10 am

Well i called the number back yesterday and used a fake name ..address …number etc just to prove the bull these people were pulling. I used the name Sarah Jones..(Not a real person) and a fake DOB soon as i said my name the guy said yes i was being sued and so on ..then when i tell him im not going to pay because i dont owe anything he calls me ugly (real nice) and says he is looking at my passport so he knows i am..(even though this person is not real and i made them up) ..he proceeds to call me a beggar tells me he hates me and i need to shut up and not call again..i asked four times what law firm he was with he wouldnt tell me nor would he tell me where they are located. I did some research on the number..the number was from Washington…way away from my state yet the man stated he was from a law firm in my state somewhere..if you get this phone call dont get scared..its a big scam..its even on the FBI’s website …hope this helps yall!

Kayla June 12, 2011 at 9:35 am

In May I was looking for a payday loan on-line but decided not to get one. Then a few day a go I got a call from an man with an English name who spoke with an Indian accent saying that I had not paid a $350 payday loan. No money was ever put in my account nor did I ever receive any checks. He said the police were going to arrest me the next day. I was out of town but I did not tell him that. Can they really do that? I never got any money. I am scared and I don’t want to go to jail. I had a friend talk to the man and he told him that in order for me to go to court he would have to supena me to a court date and then I would come, but I was not just going to go with him. Can they really just take me away like that.

Danielle June 14, 2011 at 3:36 am


No they cant do that. You never got the loan so how can they arrest you?? Its a big scam going around, three of my co workers received the same call. Like I said in my post before I called back using fake information and they told me the same crap they told you … they are not legitimate dont be fooled. If they keep calling I suggest giving them a call back and giving them crap..if you do that they usually get mad and ask you not to call again and leave you alone.

Donna June 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Just about 4 weeks ago, my husband applied for a loan. He entered all of his information, including SS#, cell number, address, all of that stuff. Well, it took about 10 minutes but he received a response from a payday loan place. The last box to open had a few more pieces of information to fill out, and then he would be sent the money. The amount was for $500.00. Well, he decided not to go through with it. He closed out the box. I opened the box, just to look at the information displayed. It said, once all information is filled out, the money would be received the next business day. The amount to be payed back would be over $600.00. It was due to be paid back on June 21 st. I absolutely had to make sure that no infrmation was filled out, otherwise the money would have been sent to him.
So, we didn’t think anything else about it. Two days ago, these people started calling. They didn’t give a name for the company that they were calling from, they did give their name. One man’s name was Alex Watson. They said the second that we received the information, to call them back immediately. They said if we didn’t call back, that the only thing thing they could do for us was to wish us luck with the situation as the situation unfolds on us. Another man’s name was David Johnson and his message was very similar to the message left by Alex Watson. So, my husband called them back today, and told them that they had been calling his wife, the guy denied it and said no he didn’t. Then later on in the same day, I called, and when he wanted me to remind him of my phone number, I started reciting it until he chimed in with the last four digits.
I went to the bank, to try and get some advice, while I was there, he called back. He asked what had happened. I was supposed to call him back in a half an hour, and it was over an hour now. When the banker and myself kept pressing him for answers about what the company name was, exactly what date the money was deposited, he got very defensive. He said he would send the police to my husband’s workplace, he was going to put a blackmark on my husband’s social security number, and make sure that my husband would not be able to receive his SS benefits later in life. He said he was going to make my husband’s life a living hell.
When my husband spoke to him earlier in the day, he told my husband that he was a lawyer from the attorney general’s office in California. This man is obviously foreign, but his name is Alex Watson? He had also told me that the debt was $289.52. He said for me to go down to WalMart and purchase a prepaid card (not a gift card) for $20.00. Then load the rest of the remainder of money on there, then call him back with the information.
My mind started racing! I started thinking that what if we did apply for that loan, even though I knew that we didn’t. It’s such a mess right now. I have a couple of phone numbers that I received. The first one is:818-806-3349. The other one is:646-918-1211 or 4211 or 5211. He was very hard to understand.
What I honestly think happened is when we decided to not take the loan, meaning accept it, that they got upset and now they are coming after us because of that.
I’m positive that we didn’t apply for a loan. We applied for financial assistance, but then we backed uot of actually taking out a loan.
So that is where we are at right now.
What should we do?
Please, anybody respond to this and also, let me know if the phone numbers I provided sound familiar or look familiar.
Thank You.

danielle June 17, 2011 at 4:24 am

Ive been dealing with the same people the last few weeks..if you check out the FBIs website they have information about thie scam. ive talked to a few different people from these numbers..ive given fake info names etc and they all say im being sued and owe them money and will be arrested. i talked to one today who was very crude asking me innappropriate questions about my body and so on…i suggest you call them back and give them a little crap..or say youve contacted the FBI …they usually get upset and ask you not to call again…

danielle June 17, 2011 at 4:25 am

And the 646 number looks like the same one that called me

James Moore June 21, 2011 at 6:38 pm

I received a call from 786-752-7174 Metro PCS cell phone out of Ft. Lauderdale, telling me I’d be arrested in 2 days from police for fraud and I’m being sued and to get a good lawyer. He had heavy Indian sounding accent. Should I be scared???

andrew June 28, 2011 at 2:52 pm

I applied for serval online paydays loans ,never recieve a loan, i been harassed many times. Threats to take me to courT. Well i don’t need a pay day loan, i have a place i can walk into if i need a pay day loan they have never given me a hard time. I warn you no matter what do’nt apply online for a pay day loan. don’t, go to a walk in store if you need a loan badly. Thks. Andrew

monique July 5, 2011 at 7:11 pm

I applied for a loan with magnum and actually got the loan and the money was deposited in my account the next business day but every other company have phone numbers that the agent are never available. I nust admit that Magnum charge very high interest rates on the money they lend you but they was the only one I can vouch for without paying any upfront fees

derrick July 6, 2011 at 9:11 pm

wow, i thought i was the only one!!! I was trying to apply for a payday loan about a month or 2 ago. I never actually accepted any loans or even got confirmation that I was approved for a loan of a certain amount. This foreign guy named Shawn Turner called and said he was going to sue me for a loan that I received. Thing is I never received any money or a loan into my bank account. I went to my bank and went over my bank statements with the teller and we couldnt find where not only did i receive any money other than my job but that there was never anything even attempted to be put in my account. I was sooooo scared so i worked a payment plan with the guy that I might be able to do. I kept saying I never borrowed any money but he interrupted me and said i was going to jail and that I was going to lose my job if I didnt pay him 750 dollars by 8 oclock P.M. I told him i would check and see how much money I had and he said he would call back. He didnt give me the name of the company that I owed though and said that the judge in Kansas would have enough to convict me. He said he didnt want to talk to anyone I knew such as my bank to verify that I never received any money. Now after reading all this I know it is a scam but Im scared they have all my info to steal my identity. What can i do???

sonya, KY July 13, 2011 at 3:27 am

I did actually take out an online payday loan in 2008 or 09. Well today a very rude woman who didnt give her name called my sister gave her a court case number and said that if I didnt pay this amount of $860 today then at 2 pm today I would be supena’ed to court and that it was a felony in the state of KY if it was over $500. She left the number 18884285922 ext. 327 to talk with Phillip Gates. I called him back and he said that he would talk to the attorney to see if we could work out payment plan. He put me on hold for a matter of 10 seconds and said that the attorney agreed. And that since all I borrowed was $600 the attorney would drop his fees so all I have to pay is $150 per month until $610 is paid off. I gave him a pre-paid debit card number that doesnt currently have any money on it. Im just wondering if Im being scammed? What should I do? Should I load the money on the card?? I dont want to go to jail or be a convicted felon.PLEASE HELP Can I be charged and be a felon for not paying an online payday loan back??? If i knew for sure that this was legit then I dont mind to make the payments because I want to make things write but I dont want to be scammed!!HELP ME PLEASE….SONYA, KENTUCKY

Lindsay July 16, 2011 at 12:33 am

I just received a call from someone stating that I was going to be arrested for defaulting on a loan with a company called American Payday. The caller spoke extremely bad english, and I had a very hard time understanding him. I told him I had never taken a loan out with American Payday, and could he give me the date the loan was taken out and a contact number so I could call someone at the company directly. He then started yelling at me and said he was the one I had to deal with, and “if i would be quiet” he would explain it. It was very unprofessional and rude. Then the call just cut off. I have no way of calling back because the number on caller id just showed up as 0000. Does anyone know how I can contact this company? Also, he said the warrant was being filed in Orange County California, but I live in Alabama. I am really concerned about identity theft. Also, I am not interested in being arrested.

Kelly Wilkinson July 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Yesterday I had put info into the computer in several different places for a loan. I got a call back from someone who said that I was approved for $1500; needed to go to western union and they would direct me from there. When I got there I was told that I needed to send $140 to receive my money, in cash. I sent it, then was told that due to IRS I needed to send $150., so I went to the bank and got out $150, and mind you; this money I was sending was being added right back to the loan I was getting, so I was losing nothing. When all was said and done, I had sent them 3 transactions that equaled $490, which was ALL THE MONEY I HAD IN THE WORLD. I asked to speak to a manager. I supposedly spoke to the Sr. manager for the activation department. He advised me that if I could find $135 more, he would stay on the line with me until I had the loan in my hands – well, I didn’t have it, so he told me he would hold the loan until the next day to see if I could come up with it. He promised and gave his word that I would receive this loan, along with all the money I had pre-sent. I am not stupid, but the way they talked to me, I felt like I would be getting this loan, even though I was nervous about sending all this money. I asked for their website which was I have looked this up, and it is a site where they match you up with loan companies, so I have no idea who I was talking to, or how they got my info. I needed this money to retain an attorney to get custody of my grandbaby, and I have little money to live on as it is. The phone number they gave me, which was 404-424-4347, I called this morning and the message said “the Magic Jack” customer you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time. You have no idea how desperate I am, and how I wish so badly I could get my money back that was sent. I am 52 years old, on disability and going to school. Completely devastated. The people at Western Union were even concerned. I have been scammed, and they have scammed someone who desperately needed this money. Thank you for listening..

-Jonathan July 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Yes Kelly that is unfortunate. Im sorry that people would want to take advantage of you. I believe you were scammed if any company asks for money up front that is a red flag.. It sad that others try to take advantage of those in need and they don’t know their rights so they end up being taken advantage of, scammed,, threatened and mistreated.. I applied for the same thing. they kept calling me but no threats.:) I personally deal with and know some of the top attorneys in the country AV rated parker stanbury, etc.. I might be able to help you, and with custody of your grandbaby.. If they try to harrass you again or attempt to sue you give me a reply at or try to scam you.. It sad that others try to take advantage of those in need and they don’t know their rights so they end up being taken advantage of, scammed,, threatened and mistreated.. Im soo sick of this!! If their is any way I can help Here is my contact number as well 619-495-2158

If anyone else is dealing with a problem, or wants to get it fixed, being taken advantage of feel free to contact me as well

-Mr. Jackson

Ashleigh July 18, 2011 at 9:40 pm

WOW I am going thru the same thing that alot of you all are going through. I have gotten a call from a Scott and a Mark extremly rude threating me to take me to court and that I owe $300 that was deposited in my account which is a lie! I have not recieved a loan I did apply though so that is how they got my information I ended up not needing the loan so I never got back with the company now they are saying I did receive it and I have my bank account info showing that I did not. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM CALLING MY JOB AND MY CELL THREATING ME I EVEN HAVE SAVED THE VOICEMAIL THAT THEY LEFT BUT YOU CAN HARDLY UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THEY SAY CAUSE THEY CAN BARELY SPEAK ENGLISH!

Rae July 27, 2011 at 2:13 pm

I went into because I saw the add on TV with Monel Williams. I figured that was recommended on TV was a safe way to go. I went into the site and intered my information, it then appeared that my application was sent to about 5 other lenders. About 5 different lenders popped up that I could choose from. I was confused at that point, but ended up chosing one of them. When I once again entered my information, I was hesitant to enter my name and initial in that I agreed to the loan. I then decided that I was not going to get the loan at all and logged out. Within 2 weeks, a received phone call after phone call on my cellphone. They left no messages until one day I picked up. I was told that I owed money, lots of money to some payday loan company and if I did pay then “May God help me through these times.” People from all over India called my phone leaving these messages. I became stressed out and depressed and worse, I did not owe any money to anyone! I started to receive calls from wierd numbers like 000-000-0000. I then went to my wireless carrier and blocked the numbers and made a complaint with the BBB and FTC. I then called my bank to have a password put on my account and a fraud alert on all three of my credit reports. These calls stopped for about a month and then started up again. They even called my parents home (which I have no idea of how they got their number). It is a good thing that my step-father was a cop, so he gave them a peace of his mind and threatend him with a law suit and eventally told them that they did not know of the person who they were calling. They called my parents about 5 times, but eventually after they realized that they were not getting anywhere, stopped calling. The men from India quit calling after one day I answered the phone in Spanish. It was strange the way his Indian accent all of the sudden went away, and he started laughing as I could hear him tell another person, “what do I do, she does not speak english?” I could hear other people in the background making calls to other poor victims. Since then, I have never gotten any more calls, except for people wanting to sell me a cruise to florida for $20.00, in which they never left a message but since being scammed, every call that I get from another state, I google the number to see who they are and if they are scammers. I was thinking about sueing Montel Williams for scamming people. It is not a website where you can get an instant loan, but instead, they forward ALL of your information to other loans companies and some of those websites are scams! They use spoofing so that the number cannot be recognized and they use threats and intimidation to get people to send them money. I did not fall for those threats, although they did stress me out because they were so persistant and down right mean! It really upset me that they started calling my family. Now, I don’t see the Montel Williams add on TV and it is probably because of complaints.

Schanel July 30, 2011 at 11:59 pm

some man keeps calling me from 888 584 0883 and he was saying he is from a company online that i did not finsh my loan appt. when i told him i was not intrested and take me off the calling list he cuss at me and calls me names he as a indian accent and now he calls me every day when i call the number back it says its disconnected what can i do i know they have all my info from when i started to fill out the appt

Schanel July 31, 2011 at 12:11 am

i also got a call from 214 446 9831 how do i make it stop they call all morning and night

L C August 10, 2011 at 7:37 am

These people are scammers. I received a call from three of these B. A. S. T. A. R. D. S. today. Scarring the crap out of me, saying that I was in legal trouble. Calling me up on 3 charges of fraud for a loan that I never received. They have all of my information. When you don’t know who you are dealing with, it is best to get your ID protected. I was told to call Equifax or visit to file a fraud alert and get an ID protection plan on my SSN. I was also told to file a police report to protect myself. You have to start a paper trail on them. Keep an eye on your bank account. Do all the necessary changes if you have to. I went completely off on them. And of course they hung up in my face. I told them that I was not going give anything because I did not owe anything. Never received a Cash Advance loan. This makes me mad as H.E.L.L. Do what you can to help protect yourself.

LD August 10, 2011 at 11:22 pm


samantha August 11, 2011 at 4:26 pm

hi i was looking for a loan a view wks ago and i put my detail down even tho the site is free i went 2 draw my money out 2days ago and 67 was gone so i went in to the bank and they said it was frm this loan company even tho i never had a loan off them so i rang them up asking y they took at it and they said it was becuse i was accepted for a loan so i said 2 them that i aint recived any loan and they said 2 me so do you want 1000 loan in ur bank and i said no i dont want that loan knw i just want my money back then they had ago at me just cuz i wouldnt give them my bank details again so iv been on the fone 2 the fraud people but they said they can help me but iv gota ring them bk when the money as copletly cleard frm my bank but be aware half the sites on internet 2 do wid loans r scams

Marcia August 12, 2011 at 8:53 pm

I applied for a payday loan on line and now I am recieving harassing phone calls saying that they have my social security number and I have a law suite against me. I am not sure what happened but this can not be legal. I never signed any documents for a loan but they have all of my personal information from my loan application and they have been calling my job and my cell phone. Something has got to be done about this. They have been calling me from 917 and 646 area codes. I know it is a scam because I told them to respond to me in writting but they keep calling.

James August 14, 2011 at 1:46 pm

I was desperate and foolish enough to send a company ,that I thought was in NY,but who is actually in New Delhi,202$,in hopes of getting a 2000$ loan at 11% interest. 718-404-9283,The number comes up as being from Brooklyn NY,but when you speak with the phone rep,you can tell there from india.When you go to Western union ,the rep tells you to send the money to new Delhi,and they tell you to tell the Western union agent that it’s a personel loan not a business transaction.They also tell you that after you send the 202$ they will send you the 2000$. But when you go back up to the Agent to get your money ,the rep on the phone tells you that the money is coming from a person named Anthony Davis.The rep told me that there was no money for me and then when I tried tio call back I was unable to get an answer.Now when I try the number,they just hang up on me.

michelle August 16, 2011 at 8:50 pm

I think it was like the ending of last month but i did a online app wit usa cash advance never heard nnothing from them but today i get a call sayin im gettin sue for money i have not paid back to themfor a loan a got for 300 when i never recieved anything from thing at all n i get all my direct dedeposit info on ma card everyday n never did i recieved infor on getting a loan frm them

Stacey August 18, 2011 at 8:50 pm

a! I have been getting calls from the same people, but they’re using a new number now which is 310-495-5211. Of course, it’s another middle eastern woman who claims her name is Christina Johnson. I laughed at her and she put some guy on the phone who said he would rape me or send the police to my house if I didn’t pay the payday loan. (This was at work)

I laughed some more

He then said he would rape my kids

I laughed some more

Then the people I work with got on the phone and started laughing at him to. He then hung up the phone just to start calling my cell phone number.

I then “acted” like I was terrified and I begged them if I could give them my attorney’s information. He said said yes… so I gave him 202-324-3000 and asked him to ask for the Fraud Department.

Little did he know that was the number to the FBI headquarters. LOL

I haven’t heard from those bastards since. Maybe we should all give them the number to our “new” banks so this can be settled (a.k.a. FBI number).

Talk about someone being caught red handed when you CALL the FBI on yourself. LOL

pearl August 18, 2011 at 11:18 pm

omg i decided to search on line for answers cause my daughter applied for a loan online like two weeks ago she didn get the loan cause she was denied now she keeps getting calls fron california maine florida fron a payday loan or fast cash loan that she never got she is going crazy cause these people call her all day long threading her for not paying a loan they say she took out some time between dec and jan when she ask them a question about the loan they cant give her any info because its not available for her olny for the lawyer and the judge who is goin to file charges against her for theft by check and he is from a forigen country with a american name who are these people and what can she do to stop these harrassing calls she is very terrified that they will go to her job and arrest her because thats what this guy is telling her now pay him what she didnt borrow and he will leave her alone should she get a lawyer involved for something she didnt borrow please help .

Dominio August 19, 2011 at 1:51 am

Sadly, But surely I have just been scammed :(. So I was out and about today with my family when I recieved a voicemail stating that the message was urgent on this time senstive matter and that I call them back A.S.A.P or good luck on my endeveres. So I called back and asked who keeps calling for me and some guy with a middle eastern accent told me that I owed money for an unpaid loan. True I have a loan but I looked at my bank account while we were speaking and told him I just paid $90 online like I was suppose to he told me I owed money on a pending loan and was being sued for fraudlent checks and illegal bank lending and some other thing and that if I didn’t pay people who come to my job and arrest me, drag me to court and then me and my attorney would have to fly to california. I took the loan out to pay for my classes and some extra bills so when he said he would be coming to my job I naturally got scared I don’t have anything on my record, not even a SPEEDING TICKET! I didn’t want an unpaid loan to go on my record. so I bought a pre-paid visa card and put the money I owed (Which thank my lucky stars I had but was saving to pay other bills with) on that card not wanting to use my bank card (I don’t know why I think my mind was trying to tell me something because he accepted that) after faxing him the card number the money was Immediately taken out. After all that settled My mind started to think WHY THE HELL AM I PAYING FOR A LOAN I NEVER GOT? and How are you going to send police officers to my job for a loan I never recieved and this is my first loan they wouldn’t sue if I just made my first payment? I’m being sued for fradulent checks I don’t even own checks and Illegal banking my bank account is still in good standing and my bank would have contacted me about this. He stated they tried to call me many times and sent me many e-mails. I never answer numbers I don’t know or check my e-mails. I can’t believe I got played something told me to check this out before I paid but I was so scared because he had all my information my social, my e-mail, my phone number, My address, My job information. I feel so stupid for letting him play me my mother warned me about these types of scammes. But I guess you learn from experience 🙁 I can’t believe I just gave that fool my hard earned money How stupid can someone be?

Melissa August 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

I recently applied for a payday loan online and an indian accent guy called me back after “reveiwing” my loan application said I was approved for $900. But in order to get the loan I had to western union $120 to thier company to make sure I could make the payment and get all my information. Well agaisnt better judgement I did it. They promised to stay on the line with me the whole time and they did. After I made the payment, they said I had to pay another $200 to make the loan “tax free” for them. I was upset but needed the money desperatley and they promised I would get every penny back plus the loan. I did it again, then they have the nerve to tell me I had to pay another $100 to get the conformation code to receive the money!!! I was irate…… They did not care about my situation at all. I now have no money to pay my bills because of a very bad decision and needing money so desperatley. The name of the company was USA payday. Do not send any money western union top these scammers, you will not get the loan. And now I am out $320 plus western union fees of $20. Lesson learned the hard way 🙁

Jason August 22, 2011 at 5:55 pm

I once took out a pay day loan and received a lot of the same calls saying I never paid it back and I was going to be sued and go to jail. The people that called me are scammers, they have thick accents and everytime they call their story is different. When you ask to have the loan agreement sent to you they say they can’t send it.

Martha Lauro August 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm

some is emailing me @ work, I have gotten a loan of 300.00 from this company and missed a couple payments they have no pahone number to reach them only by email now they are threating me @ work saying they will send a summons @ my work to go to court can they do that

melanie buckley August 26, 2011 at 5:50 pm

My friend has been scammed by a company supposed to be called cash one ,they took £110 of her yesterday for the first month payment because she was on benefits and they said she should have money i her bank by 5 tommorow has they told her she could have a loan for 5000,by 6 o’clock she had to ring them to find out where her moey is then they told her she needed to pay aother £95 for the transaction to go through somethig to do with tax and she would get it back she went mad with them . Well this morning they rang her back appolagising for not explaining it to her before so she lent the £95 of me today and they said in one hour she will have the loan ad the £95 back ,they never put the money in and we kept ringing and they kept saying try in 10 mins then try in 30 mins and kept hanging up .I cant believe what has happened and hope they dont get away with this .

Lizzy August 27, 2011 at 4:35 am

I got a missed call from 911 and they left a message saying it was the sheriffs department and I called the number they left and they said I committed check fraud and that if I didn’t pay back the payday loan today they would have someone arrest me. I never even got a loan from that site I got one from a different company. It really freaked me out but my cousin who is a police officer said it was a scam. I even checked to see if I had a warrant out and I didn’t

sandra September 24, 2011 at 9:56 am

They are doing the same to me the company is cashnetusa I don’t even have a bank account for them to send any money too, yet they say they did and i was gpoing to jail for cyber fraud this man called and said he’s an detective and i was going to jail for cyger fraud for default on a loan i never got they have called my family and friends rhreatening to put them in jail as well. i really don’t know what to do with this they are really upsetting me. please help and tell mw ehat i need to do,

Mrs Maureen Paul October 23, 2011 at 4:40 pm


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Karyn December 2, 2011 at 1:00 am

Money Mutual is not a lender it is a referral co. I did not know this whenI applied online for a payday loan a few days ago. I thought I was filling out a application for a 90 day loan I was a approved by a lender that wanted pmt in full before I got paid Calif law will only allow lenders to loan $ 255.00 max plus fees I did not accept that loan .
I get paid monthly. Ca law will not allow a payday loan beyond that pay period in other words you canot get a 60-90 loan in Ca. What I’m most upset about All my personal info was sent to lenders and or knows who else. In the last few days I have received approx 200 emails and a few phone calls. Who knows how many more I’ll get. I’m sure ea company sends my info to another co and the list goes on and on. I placed a do not call for my cell phone # The DO NOT CALL number is 888-382-1222. Or you can reg ister online. Does anybody know what I can do to stop the emails? I sent to spam ,that’s not enough . I feel I might have to change my em address which pisses me off. I’m also afraid I’ll receive snail mail from lenders. Can I stop junk mail?

Can’t believe how misleading Money Mutual is and the others too. You May get approved by many of these companies but you are required to completly fill out the app before you can ask any questions about loan terms or even amount of money that you qualify for. DON”T DO IT!! I learned a lesson the hard way-Karyn

mike December 10, 2011 at 4:49 am

i got a call today from someone saying that they represnt this company and i had 48 hrs to respond or they would contact my employer and get my wages garnished. they said they had all the paper work to do it. i thought that these companys had to give you time to pay it off and if you don’t go through due process not do what i consider strong arm tatics . what shoulds i do?

Angela Miller December 10, 2011 at 11:31 pm

PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THESE SCAM ARTISTS!! If you apply for a loan, whether you get it or not. It is highly likely you will receive a call from someone with a thick accent but very american name, like Sean Jones or something. They will threaten to have you arrested, interfere with SS and other benefits, etc. They will even go so far as to tell you that you have to send them money immediately. If you tell them you never received a loan and have the bank documents to prove it. You ask for a fax number and they might tell you you have to personally bring the documents to California (or some other state that is not yours, of course). You will continually be over talked, possibly even yelled at. They work very hard at intimidating you but don’t let them. This clearly is not legal. You have nothing to worry about. Dont engage in lengthy conversations with them. Let them know that you know they are a fraudulent operation with dozens of claims against them that you have contacted local law enforcement, legal aid, and the Attorney General. Tell them to cease and desist any further contact with you and HANG UP.

deshonda January 7, 2012 at 4:02 am

i really needed a loan so i went online and found a direct lender. Plain Green loans is legit, the intrest is freakishly high but if u truly need it it works they don’t share your info ( there is a box on the application you can check saying please don’t try to find me other lenders if you can’t approve my loan) and no harrassing phone calls. I’ve paid off my first loan and am now paying off my xmas loan from them. good luck!!

Ms. J. M. Nelson January 14, 2012 at 5:48 am

What Happens When Payday Loan Say’s That Your APPROVED – But Never Gives You The Money In Your Bank Account – Who Do You Report It To – Can’t They Be Sued For That – You Can’t Even Get Any Type of Contact Information On The Lenders = I Have Over 70 Letters of APPROVAL For The Money I Asked for But – “NO MONEY HAS BEEN PLACED IN MY ACCOUNT” — I Need This Money For An Extreme Emergency and I Feel Like Their Lying To Me and They Need To Be Sued For Such Acts Like This —— I Need $610 By Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 === I Have Been Applying For A Small Loan Since Monday, January 9th, 2012. I Am Very, Very Sick and DO NOT NEED THIS – I Just Need Some Quick Help — and — I’m Willing To Pay Payday Loan Back By The First Week of February — Why Do They Do Stuff Like This – Is It Legal For Them To Conduct Business Like This and NO OFFICIAL LAW INFORCEMENT AGENCY Can Do Anything About Such Unprofessional Conduct !! — What Is This World Coming To ???? == This Is Just To Stressful For My Health Right Now (2 Major Brain Operations – Due To 3 Anurisums In My Head) = To Much Stress Can Kill Me – I Need This Money For An Extreme Emergency !! — HELP – PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO !! — Please PRAY For Me !!

lori flagiello January 23, 2012 at 3:12 pm

i have a crazy story . this company went and made a payment on a credit card i have that i never gave them the info for . used my bank to make a payment then charged my card for the payment they made with all my info. called mt first premier credit card company acting like they were me. they are destroying me . i dont have money to just have on hold. i guess none of us do if we needed a few hundred to hold off till payday . i am so sick over this . well all i know is they are messing with the wrong girl . i will work on fighting them till i cant no more . any sugestions please email me please help

Wil January 26, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Hi there. Can anyone help me out here. I had a payday loans that I couldn’t catch up with the payment due that I wasn’t making enough money. I am filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I already know from my lawyer that with me filing bankruptcy that the payday loan that i have will cover it. My problem that I am having now is that I got a call from a company that I don’t really know if they are a collector or a attorney telling me that the payday loan company is filing a fraud check on me and that my backruptcy will not cover it. Here is what making me feel that it a scam. I got a call from someone at work saying that they are coming to my job to serve me some legal paper. I needed to call the number that they gave me to handle it out of court. I call the number to tell them that I am filing for chapter 7 and that when I was told that my bankruptcy will not cover for a fraud check. I then told them that I will call my attorney to call them about the file and was told by them that they don’t talk to Lawyers. That may me and My lawyer feel it was a scam from that company but i am still wondering if a payday loan company file fraud check on me when I didn’t write a check and does chapter 7 backrutcy cover it. I am still waiting to hear from my attorney about it.

Rachel B. February 14, 2012 at 5:11 am

I closed my checking because there were fraudulent transactions…random amounts both in deposits & withdrawls…Now one of the online companies (hydra funds? I think) that was accessing my account is pressing charges on me for check fraud, misrep something, & violation of banking reg…wtf! What’s even more screwed up the chic that called w/ some attorney’s office (Jeffrey Jeffrey Law Firm, sounds very fimiliar from the post above)did not want to answer any questions, only wanted to read the charges so when she snapped at me for asking questions I just hung up, I am not wasting my time agruing with someone I can’t understand…so I have no clue who is pressing charges, when its from or the amount of debt…(sounds like it could more possibilities rather than just the 2 obvious ones for me)

I think the above harassment was from hydra funds but I really do not know for sure. Everytime I tried to called hydra funds to inquire why they were depositing money into my account I received a voicemail. I recieved 1 known callback from them and they lady who left a message on my voicemail seemed very professional and very american…so no worries about it being a 3rd world rep…right???

Also a collection agency (Credit Protection Something) for one of the companies ( accessing my account called tonight and I agreed to pay the amount they posted to my acct…with interest and fees the balanced has more than doubled over the past month. I told them I refuse to pay any more than they deposited and stated that would only be after they gave me a written statement disclosing the terms to resolve the matter…the guy from the collection agency spoke go english, no accent or anything. First he told me an amount that was 3x what they deposited. I replied with a not going to happened I did not authorize the deposit and he then put on hold for about 10 minutes while he saw what do could do…when he got back on he stated a lower payback rate claiming they could only charge me for the interest on a 2 wk loan agreement. I replied with a not going to happened I did not authorize the access to my account and have NO idea how they gain all my personal information. So finally he agreed to the amount deposited and no fees or interest. So I tell him, prior to me sending any money I wanted a written statement of such…saying the account would be closed once I repaid they money the deposited and they were willing to agree to those terms on account I did not authorize the transaction. He sent me an email but only with information on how to repay…In fact he stated these payment arrangements were only good for today and then stated I did not need anything written statements our conversations were recorded for quality control. I reinstated to him that I have limited access to the internet, my cellphone was my only method so it would not be until tomorrow before I could send the money via moneygram…He said ok I have until 2/14 at midnight but then never sent another email with the new arranged payment date…This was my response to his email….
“As stated when speaking with Shawn Miller tonight at apx 7pm EST. I have no problem with repaying the $380.00 that your client deposited into my account on 01/05/2012. However, prior to my doing so I expect some written statement to what our terms of agreement are. I will return the money that was deposited into my account but I refuse to pay any fees or interests associated with this deposit on account I did not authorize the access to my checking account nor did your client make any attempts to validate to loan request. As stated to Mr. Miller my bank account was closed due to the fraudulent activity. Both deposits and withdrawls were disputed and the fraud department with my bank has assumed control. I have very limited access to the internet and do not conduct ANY financial business online. I did not authorize your client to make any deposits or withdrawls from my account. Over the past month I have learned that most reputable online loan companies require fax documents, verbal communication or other means of validating the loan agreement. made NO attempt to verify the legitimacy of the loan request. I have received numerous calls at both work and home stating I have been approved for different online loans. All have been told to stop calling I am not interested. The only time I have knowingly spoke with anyone representing your client has been tonight. I have had many companies called over the past month who either have not identified themselves or were not given a chance. Your client has also failed to give a valid contact in order to address the matter with them directly. Both my local bank branch & myself have made an attempt to contact your client when the deposit first occured. The contact number they listed with the transaction was 1436518754. I have no faith in’s business manner and want some assurance that once the $380 is paid the matter is closed and bares no reflection on me or my financial standing. Being in the medical field the one thing they stress is if its not in writting it never happened. In other words document everything. Your recorded conversations are designed to protect you and your clients not the consumer. It seems I have someone using my personal information for their amusement therefore I will have to insist on having a paper trail. So again I have no problem with repaying the $380.00 your client forwarded to my account without my authorization but before doing so I require a written statement.
Sincerely, ”

These companies are blowing up my work number and my cell number…I have an austic son so changing my number would be hard on him…he knows my number now, and well no matter how times myself or my coworkers tell them not too they keep calling me at work…They have even been inform the nature of my job…cardiac unit in a hospital I do not have the time to give them any attention…One ghetto sounding (not meant in a racist way so please don’t take it that way) chic called me one day and started trying to get me to varify my information over the phone…at work while I am surrounded with people…I only varified my name and told her if she can’t tell me why she is calling without the 20 questions then I am not interested, don’t call me at work and hung up. She called right pretended to be someone different and asked to speak with Human Resource so I politely gave it to her and in a smug reply she thanked me using my full name…

Really don’t know what to do about all this…but its apparent I am not alone. I got an attorney if I need one but I hope it won’t carry that far. I do know I will not make any payments without any documentation. I am glad I decided to research instead of letting this eat at me or before I actually sent out money. This site will help me sleep a little more sound tonight. Thanks

Lori C February 16, 2012 at 3:41 pm

Ijust recieved a call from a so called company..saying they were Icu systems,,Well they wanted me to verify my address as they already repeated it to me ..ok so i8f they knoww it why verify it!!they were rude and got angry cause i would not confirm anything..told me they weren’t going to put up with my attitude and hung up..all cause i wouldnt confirm anything to them.When i asked them what kind of company they were ..they would not tell me..all they said was they couldnt disclose any info out until thgey verified mine..Ummm sorry but why should i give out a total stranger my address if they cant even tell me what kind of company they are..There number is 603-589-7207…be aware..also almost a year ago..i had a indian guy ..his name “robert” try to argue with me i had a payday loan..i never had..i flip the tables on him..when he couldnt give me my personal info if he was working for a legit company..He should already have it..Grrr i am afull time student my money counts since i dont this is just scary!!

Cari March 4, 2012 at 5:29 am

My husband applied for an online loan about a month ago, bad idea. He chose one, and of course, there were dozens of others that sent e-mails saying that he had been approved. He only verified one loan with an electronic signature and they called to make sure. We paid that back in full. Then, there was another company that deposited $200 in to his bank account. When we got in touch with the company HydraFunds, they told us that because they sent an e-mail and we opened it and that the phone number we gave was valid, that was considered verification that we wanted the loan. Then we got a call from 707-508-4205 they left a voice mail saying that they need either him or his attorney to call them and “if he fails to return their call all he can do is wish him luck as the situation unfolds on him.” I called them back asking what company they represent and they hung up on me. I called back again and they hung up on me. I went through that about 10 times before someone picked up and rudely asked me what I wanted. I asked what company he represents and he told me it was the Law Office of Russell Miller in Sacramento, CA. I asked what company filed a suit against my husband and they listed about 20 online loan companies that they represent, but wouldn’t give me the exact one. Now they have supposedly turned the account over to a law office and they claimed that they are sending a sheriff and FBI agents (that is a little outrageous) to my husband’s work with a subpoena. They asked if I wanted to pay the money back plus $500 for their costs. Looks like I’m hiring an attorney.

Christy March 7, 2012 at 8:02 am

I had a payday loan for 900 which I paid all but 300 for. All these lenders started hitting my acct, so I had to close it. I called cashnetusa and told them I had closed my acct. They contiued to try to draw out of the old acct. So then I get a call from MARVEL & ASSC. claiming tey are an attorney and that I am being sued and warrants were issued for my arrest, etc. So I talked to a Joe Holland who said they would settle for 745, which was the amt I owed on the loan and for interest and court fees. I gave them my debit card and set up a pay date. So the day of the pay day, he calls saying my payment bounced, and now it would be 1200, and if i didn’t pay immediately, the cops were coming to pick me up. I panicked. I have 4 small kids, so I gave them info to draft the money. To make a long story short, the money was drafted for 1200, then they hit my debit card TWICE for the 745. I called htem PISSED, and for over a month they have been promising my money back. Hasn’t happened. Can I sue them?? I called and made a police report. Bank of America is aware, but can’t do anything. They have wiped out all my money, now I can’t even pay my bills. I am in so much trouble. I will NEVER take out another loan!!!!

Neicy L April 2, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I recently tried to get a payday loan and was denied for several. Once I put all my information in the calls and text and e-mails were ridiculous!!! I also went to one website that called and told me I was pre-approved put in the code they told me to on the website and when I accidentally switched the numbers around that they gave me another person’s information showed up: birthdate,social # and name! I immediately called them to ask if the same problem would happen to my information (because they already had it in there system), the woman (Elena?) said that they did not have my information in the computer; even though a man rep called me on my number last week—and then she went on to say that they had no control over the website?!? I pray that my social is not floating around in their screens and anybody playing around on the computer and gain access to my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! I just wanted to get a little help for the next couple of weeks and now I might have reuined my identity! Im Scared!! So now what should I do; call the creditors (equafax etc) and check on my reports? Then what?

Neicy L April 2, 2012 at 3:37 pm

The number to Fast2500 customer service that I called was 866-664-7971 where I spoke to the second rep. Mongo was the name on the card.

maria c martinez April 2, 2012 at 3:55 pm

i applied for a personal loan with and was told i was pre-approved for 1,000.00 they got all my information but had to get my credit scores first so i signed up for a free trial onsensescores; then i couldn’t get back to complete the application; the thing that worries me is that they have all my banking information; i thought maybe they would send me an e-mail saying where to go to complete the application but nothing; i’m really worried!

charles April 17, 2012 at 4:24 pm

I received a phone call several days ago from a ” law firm” stating that i owed money on a payday loan that i had never received. The woman with a thick Indian or Pakistani accent stated that I owed some company money and they had been retained to retrieve it. I have applied for loans but this wasn’t making sense. So I questioned her about the amount and who it was thru. She put me on hold for a moment and a man came on the line, even more difficult to understand than her. He stated that there was a warrant for my arrest and the police would be there in minutes to pick me up. I explained to him in a barrrage of choice words let them come I haven’t done anything wrong and better yet why doesn’t he come on himself so I could kick his ass too. He hung up. Imagine that. The phone number was 305-407-9781. I am very cautious about what i apply for but you never know who has acquired your personal information. They even knew the last digits of my SS# which really pissed me off. Don’t let people like this bully you. Bully back and they run. But you have to be very cautious about who you are giving your personal information to.

jean April 18, 2012 at 2:58 am

This is a scammers phone number it is 323 331 9189 says his name is curtis jackson and that I did a payday loan. Never happened, now he says he is going to have me arrested. Well I called the police on him. Also I am turning the tables on him I am sendin him emailsand calling him. Wonder how he likes it

Rita April 25, 2012 at 8:58 pm

I received a phone call from someone and was asked to call them back with a case number and that it was urgent. I called the next day. I spoke to a gentalman. We got to talking and I found out that he needed to serve me papers. When i asked him what it was about, he told me that Money and more deposited money in my checking account in 2008. I told him that we never got a loan. He read some information back to me. The infor mation was correct. He told me that the loan was for a little over 400.00. Now its almost 1,000.00 dollars. If he served me that paper then I have to pay all these court cost. It added up to almost 4,000.00. I cant afford anyone to repersent me in court. I looked up BBB, and there is no listing for that company. I have till Friday to find out what to do. Any one can help, Please let me know. Thank you.

Maricar June 1, 2012 at 1:39 am

i apply loan online ad recieved the loan. and i am almost done to pay it this month.. then today i recieved a phone call saying i been sued by uspaydayloan, because they send me the money on my bank and i didnt pay them back. I didnot get any money from them..
i return call then the guy who have a thick accent said they gonna send complain to my state and need a lawyer for internet freud and money laundering.they got all my info and put me in the jail. and i told him i will not pay them coz i did not recieved the money they talkin about. I ask who is the complainant he did not gave me then he hung up on me , I return call i told him I talk to my lawyer ask what is there law firm name he gave edward and walkers associate from florida but the phone number is 19412443613 and tell me wish me luck and i pay for the consenquense.
i told him dont call me and stop harrasing me coz i am not scared if they gonna sue me send me athorities.. bbut they still calling here but send no legal papers…
WHAt should i do?

Frederick Dreyer June 21, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Just starting calls AGAIN about a payday loan source that supposedly gave me a loan. Called my bank, to please verify any deposits. And asked them to check as far as the past 120 days. one answer became relavent to the deal. Only deposits being listed are from what I recieve from the government. nothing else was listed. Been having problems with the landlady. tried to find someone who CAN REALLY HELP A PERSON! SHOULD HAVE EVERYONE OF THESE PLACES LOOKED AT! I’m not talking about us, its the GOVERNMENT THAT SHOULD LOOK AT THESE PLACES!!!!!! SET IT UP THAT THEY OPERATE LIKE BANKS! AND CUT DOWN ON THE STUPIDITY THAT THEY CREATE!!!!!ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY BECOME SPITEFUL AND DEMEANING TOWARDS OUR FAMILY AND OUR FRIENDS!

Jennifer August 24, 2012 at 7:46 pm

Help. I looked into a payday loan. I DID NOT TAKE ONE. I did however give my bank information and work number. I started to recieve a lot of emails and calls immediately after applying. I have NOT signed for anything or accepted ANY money. I do not want these people calling my work. Will they call even though I did not accept any money?

Karl September 2, 2012 at 9:43 am

I’m an average person that lives in the UK. A couple of months ago I was thinking of buying a different model of motorbike to what I’m using now and after a lot of debate I decided to apply to get a quoteto on one of these loans and see what I have to pay back on a monthly basis. I never passed on my bank details as I always use Paypal Best site the world that has ever have ever been invented (THANK YOU PAYPAL). Now I get txt messages as I gave them my mobile number and landline number and at least 3-4 times a day I get a txt normally first thing on a sunday morning when I have the chance of a lie-in asking me to take a loan out with them. There is a link at the end of the message saying that you can reply STOP to cancel getting contacted by them and PLF company are the main culprits I have replied STOP on a regular basis for the last 7-8 weeks along with other companie’s that just do not listen to the word STOP and keep hassling me. I got a call from PPI (for something totally different to payday instant money loans etc,etc) claims on my landline phone I told them I’m not in the category for any PPI and told them can you stop calling me and they explained to type T.P.S in my google box and I can tell them to take my number off the database so I get no calls from PPI or from payday loans and the other sharks out there this is the reason I’m on your site to get my number taken away from these dodgy payday loans and whatever scam comes to their minds in the future could you please let me know how to take my number off them as I owe nothing what so ever for loans, credit cards etc,etc. I have been on the sick for over ten years (some kind of social phobia) and all my life I have never had a loan or attempted for a mortgage or any such like. The only loans I ever have had have been off the social security when I moved in to my flat originally where the money got paid directly before I got my money from the social so I owe nothing and I’m quite happy to wait and keep my bike on the road till I save the money myself to avoid the luxury of having it there right now and pay the 365.1% interest that’s with Provident more than doubling your money back that’s taking advantage I rather save and I can be true to myself and say Yes I saved the money myself rather than using these upcoming fast money lenders. Could you let me know how I can take my number off their lists as they don’t respond to STOP in sending txts I am now a Grouchy person over the last 6 months due to being woken up 9AM on the dot every sunday and other mornings and at inconvenient times and they will not accept CANCEL or STOP or STOP ALL and was told to come to T.P.S to take my number off their systyems and I’ve read about the problems others have received from the top of your web-site and I’m glad I decided against the borrowing as it seems to me they are there to take your repayments and not give them the loan and to top it off they are threatening with taking you to court. Why is it, that the illegitimate people can get away with taking the vulnerable to court when they are the ones doing the scamming the whole banking system where so called moneylending people have found a loophole in the court system and making millions before jetting off for their enriched lifestyle. I do suggest that we put an awareness around the world against these such people and they are the ones that should go to court not the public who are getting money pinched off them. The LAW is taking the wrong sides and I suggest we ban these payday loans from being advertised on the telly thank you for taking time to read that means a lot to me power to the people not to the Connection’s to scams thank you Karl

Barbara Brown December 6, 2012 at 3:10 am

I HAVE BEE SCAMMED THREE TIMES WITH PAY DAY LOANS, WITH THE LAST ONE BEING 500 FAST CASH/MONEY MUTUAL. I GOT THIS ENVELOPE IN THE MAIL FROM MONEY MUTUAL , WITH THE FACE OF MONTEL WILLIAMS ON IT, AND I BELIEVED IT TO BE A REPUTABLE COMPANY SO I APPLIED, USING THE RESERVATION CARD THAT WAS SENT TO ME. I GOT A LOAN IN THE SPACE OF A FEW MINUTES ONLINE, BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY HAD ALL MY INFORMATION. THE FOLLOWING DAY, THERE WAS A $5OO.OO DEPOSITED INTO MY ACCOUNT FROM A 500 FAST CASH AND I WAS PUZZLED BECAUSE I DID NOT APPLY TO A 500 FAST CASH BUT TO A MONEY MUTUAL. i ASSUMED THAT MOTEL WAS AFFILIATED WITH THESE PEOPLE IN SOME CAPACITY. ANYWAYS, THEY DEDUCTED $150.00 FROM MY PAYCHECK TWICE A MONTH. When I had paid $650.00 I thought perhaps, that I owed them $150.00 more. The person on the line said I still owed $650.00 and that they had nothing to do with Montel Williams. Even though I had already paid $650.00 on the $500.00 borrowed, he said I still owed $650.00 more. I had only payed the principal. I got an instant headache and started calling them all kinds of names, I was so frustrated to see how poor people are being taking advantage of over these padyday loans online. At first, I was going to close my account but I had done that to another in the past, and I ended up paying even more yet. There has to be something that can be done. There is obviously a need for a payday loans, but there is so much scamming online, that you just want to say Id’ rather not. I have payed the $650.00 in full, but it still bothers me, knowing that I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED, BIG TIME.


Dre December 17, 2012 at 11:39 pm

This message is for Tracy I know it’s late but No You cannot be charged with fraud just because you cant pay back a loan..Thast not fraud thats called hard times and that is not even a felony let alone a crime. I wouldn’t worry about it. This is a message to all those who are applying and or thinking about applying for these so called pay day loans..There are especially alot of scam artist out there this time of the year..they will try and charge you a fee for the application..Thats a new scam now for those of you who are not aware.Now when you fill out an application online you will automatically get a response saying your loan has been approved but you would have to pay an intial fee..say You want to borrow $500 you would have to pay a fee of 250.00 just for the application..With no guarentees you even get the loan/s.

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